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Danish design is world-renowned for its clean, minimalist lines, good, durable materials and classic creations that never go out of style.

We want to offer you the best of Danish design, and we have therefore furnished the hotel with beautiful and functional furniture from esteemed designers.

Arne Jacobsen(1902-1971)

Like a locomotive, Arne Jacobsen pushed through the landscape of Danish design and architecture for more than half the 20th century.

The traces are still present everywhere around us today, more than thirty years after his death – from the architecture we admire as we rush by to the objects we use and enjoy every day or consider from a distance as stars on the international design stage.

Frontrunner of Danish design and creator of the Egg™ and the Swan™.

Arne Jacobsen, Hotel City Copenhagen

PK8 chairs Design Hotel City Copenhagen

Poul Kjærholm(1929-1980)

The man behind masterpieces like the PK22™ had a fascination for steel and a love for natural materials.

Poul Kjærholm was a trained carpenter and continued his studies at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen. He had a particular interest in different construction materials; especially steel, which he considered a natural material with the same artistic fineness as other natural materials. Poul Kjærholm was employed at Fritz Hansen for about a year, where he designed a number of noteworthy chair prototypes. In 1955 Poul Kjærholm initiated his collaboration with manufacturer Ejvind Kold Christensen, which lasted until Poul Kjærholm’s death in 1980. In 1982, Fritz Hansen took over the production and sales of “the Kjærholm Collection” developed between 1951 and 1967, featuring designs that are logical down to the smallest detail and exude an aura of exclusivity. In 2007 Fritz Hansen added two new pieces to the Kjærholm Collection. These pieces – the PK8™ chair and the PK58™ dining table – had never been in production before.

Jacob Gubi Olsen(1967–)

The same day as the family Olsen’s little boy was born, their guppy gave birth to a huge shoal of young fish.

Hence, the boy was never called anything other than Gubi, and that’s why one of Denmark’s renowned design companies today is called Gubi. The family business was founded by Lisbeth and Gubi Olsen in 1967.

Jacob Gubi Olsen and his brother Sebastian Gubi took over the company from their parents in 2001 and like their parents, they run a close partnership. Jacob Gubi is art director and head of product development, while Sebastian Gubi is in charge of the sales department. In keeping with Gubi’s history, the new collection consists of new design as well as classics.

In 2003 Gubi gained the rights to the entire Bestlite collection and could present the Gubi chair after several years of development.

Bestlite bed light Design Hotel City Copenhagen

Vitra Eams Design Hotel City Copenhagen

Charles and Ray Eames(Charles 1907-1978 & Ray 1912-1988)

They’re hot like never before. Indeed, the American architect couple Charles (1907-1978) & Ray Eames (1912-1988) have always attracted much international attention.

They’ve had a huge impact on modern design and furniture design. Up through the 1940s, 50s and 60s, they created buildings, films, exhibitions, books and some of the most famous furniture classics in the world– e.g. Lounge Chair and La Chaise.

They were first-hand witnesses to historic events such as the Great Depression and the Second World War, and they collaborated with the government and businesses to modernise post-war America. The Eames couple has since been named ‘the most influential designers in the 20th century’ by the World Design Congress. Among the Eames couple’s greatest gifts were their curiosity and visions. They were constantly at the forefront when it came to using new materials and revolutionised the perception of modern furniture design with fibreglass, moulded plywood and innovative concept solutions.

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